Under the Covers with Bip and No Others

by Bip

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released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Bip Memphis, Tennessee

"This dudes music is like, fuckin badassoriginal folkpunk, he's talkin bout" "(Bips) music speaks for itself"-Brennan Whalen, HEELS, WFMF records

hey also juss type in zero so my downloads don get limited. juss buy now for 0 cause cmon is it rlly worth it no lol
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Track Name: Illuminati Got Me
Illuminati Got Me (does Jay​-​Z drink his own P)
by Bip
Illuminati Got Me (does Jay-Z drink his own P) cover art


I closed my eyes and she touched me
and there was no cause for alarm
she held my hand as she fucked me
and i saw the factory farm

i struggled as she did to find me
i tried and i failed to hold my breath
i was playing the blind prophet and she was an angel of death

Illuminati got me, breh
for now yeah for now
Illuminati taught me, breh
for now yeah for now
Illuminati zombie, breh
for now, yeah, for now,
And #fucking how

I shut up and try to sing her a song
she talked about fight club and that shit was wrong
i just want a woman to tell me to do
i asked for a woman and i got a sleu
hell yeah
hell yeah

i opened my eyes when she touched me
and we shared a very long kiss
everything in my world faded
there was nothing better than this
Track Name: Mcarthy Me
these days my lifes not set in sharon stone
i paint one more picture to jack off alone
i streched out a rhombus to make that shit bomb
i pissed on the gauntlet and then i walked home to my mom

and if i aint dumb why do yall socra-tease me
for bein nothin but what i can be
and if cause im different i cant succeed than
fuck yall motherfuckers slipknot ill just wait and bleed

look into my eyes and call me ethan hawke i can
fuck you so good taht i knock off your socks but
if you wear socks while your in bed with me well
it really says somethin about the man i chose to be

nothing lasts a long time
some things last a lifetime

mcarthy me if you want to
mcarthy me if you need
all i want is the world and a shared bowl of weed
Track Name: Austin Dyde
its dark outside
and theres no one around
but i cannot outrun
this internal frown
everywhere i go
i let people down
i just wanna end it myself and be 6 feet down

when did things go
when did they go so wrong
the last that i recall
my will was strong
and now all of my borrowed time is spent
how long till im headed back to kent