désolé Amérique pt​.​2 impatient psych

by Bip

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released July 26, 2014

warner, erica, xanthe, ross, chris, and bip



all rights reserved


Bip Memphis, Tennessee

"This dudes music is like, fuckin badassoriginal folkpunk, he's talkin bout" "(Bips) music speaks for itself"-Brennan Whalen, HEELS, WFMF records

hey also juss type in zero so my downloads don get limited. juss buy now for 0 cause cmon is it rlly worth it no lol
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Track Name: angsty
i want to stay but i cant because i gotta go to work
its overwhelming how much i hate everything but you
yes, i love you
Track Name: exold flames
The storys old as the hills
of loved one and lost
someone does the tossing and someone gets tossed
the stories are different but somehow the same
we all got an ex old flame
it happens so often no one is surprised
were further apart the harder i try
you just wanna leave i can see it in your eyes
you wont even bother to cry

i guess were just ex old flames
like so many people we let it all in
we cant be lovers were no longer friends
our love has been where it went

and what we once had in common has now taken sides
that bird that once soared, no longer flies
no love or money to make it all last
the writing on the wall it says that your a part of my past

we thought we were different we got caught playing games
just kidding ourselves and saying well change
but what we had has gone down the drain
i guess were just ex old flames

while im standing here your packing your things
theres that telephone, just let her ring
its probably just him calling again
re arranging my dreams

i guess were just ex old flames
Track Name: real
I dont even need words to rap _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #bars, chorus
im as cold as ice my hearts blacker then the night am i evil?
but if you look into my eyes love starts oozing down yo thighs im your hero
without words my gaze can say a million things
but instead of staring, ill just sing

they dont really know much ABOUT ME
cause a dragon ball z scouter cant SCOUT ME
said im gonna kill hip hop dont DOUBT ME
paper towel socks, flip flops cant STOP ME
HOT how can i not be?
oven mitts in the glove compartment where da GLOCK BE
cut above the rest like an artist just CROPPED ME
done wearing hats cause nobody can TOP ME

i be lookin like i smell clean
then you smell me and i smell clean #swag
good like a kid who sit in class till the bell ring,
bad if you go to the cops and like to tell things
one glance could end your whole life
ima be your final fantasy CLOUD STRIFE
Track Name: Hank Rolls Over
i think of you now and then
though i try to forget
my heart is filled with emptiness my soul, filled with regret
where have you gone?
sweet lotus ive stepped on
what will i do
estranged without you

my skin jumps for your loving touch
my lips long for your breath
my conscience claims im derelict
my guilt structures my death

where will i go
from here i dont know
what have i done?
my trials have just begun