Bip "Hits" the Rowdy Rough Road EP

by Bip

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released July 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Bip Memphis, Tennessee

"This dudes music is like, fuckin badassoriginal folkpunk, he's talkin bout" "(Bips) music speaks for itself"-Brennan Whalen, HEELS, WFMF records

hey also juss type in zero so my downloads don get limited. juss buy now for 0 cause cmon is it rlly worth it no lol
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Track Name: Weezy F. Baby
i think that im bart simpson but im just a bobby hill
im steve buscimi but i think im harvey keitel
i been writing about moving while im staying in one place
keroacin off the cuntry and ginsbergin on your face

sober life is nice at first but more than now and then im gonna stray
otherwise im up in here like denzel at the end of training day

keanu reeved i love you maybe thats why im alone
bob dylan pat the bunny and its one erection home
but if you dont think that im a fucking bastard you aint seen
shit if you know me for a year youl figure out what i mean

feeling terminal i guess my future is tom hanks
sober would be feasable if i could just kurt russel this place
Track Name: Curtain Up Suburbia
curtain up suburbia where tv is god
a somnambulist concept in my mind
sexual frustration frequent masturbation
i tried and i failed too many times
curtain up a tv show distraction from reality a fundamental state of being
a brand new car a movie star another fucking movie star theres nothing more that i can see
they acct like its such a hard life
suburbia your house your dog your wife
the concept just makes me want to kill
every man woman and child on kent east hill
Track Name: Fuck Society I'm A Bum
i used to dread waking up in the morning
i felt trappped in my own head
my p and m should o founf me at 13
covered in vomit and dead
they stuck a tube down my throat and i coughed and gagged and choked as my face turned rom blue to red
no matter how i tried
i couldnt even die
now im stuck in this hospital bed

its harder to live with the world now
it wont ever look the same
my minds really taken a beating
theres 2 cells left in my brain
but railing pills up my nose is the path that i chose
and the sidewalk gets more comy everyday
and it aint hard to see
this shits taken hold of me
and i wont change the world in one way

id rather live instead o giving chase
moneys just there to put you in your place
i despise the whole human race
i drink 40s whiskey gin 4 lokos rum
i hope for nothing but a day that will not come
Track Name: No Ma Fuck What
no matter fucking what i know im quick to make another dumb mistake
cigarettes hal over and my voice seems like its meant to ucking break
if were all born alone and we gotta die alone then why should i have to masturbate

talkin to myself because these days it seems im running low on riends
memorized this stupid song cause i made tooters out of all my pens
if lifes a book then gods a shitty author and i hate this lingering plot its gotta end
no matter fucking what ill say its the place that im in that gets me down
but my disposition doesnt change even when i run to the next town
take my dope and my smokes hope you throw me in the hudson hope i drown
Track Name: Laundry Room Confessionals
i want sleep to fall on me like a heavy blanket i want a pill small enough that my nose can take it i dont want verbs to help improve my practice i just need adjectives to justify my bullshit actions i need someone to care about but me i want a girl dumb enough to sleep inside with i know i wont get that so just a bottle outside with i know you people think that i need help but really i just need to uck someone besides myself in someone elses laundry room at 3
i want my death to all on me like a heavy curtain my tides gone out and with it all my burdens the bus driver sits holding in his hand a line that hes drawn out in the yellow sand he solemnly looks out to the sea pulls the trigger and hes free
Track Name: heartfulla dreams
well i backed myself into a corner saying stupid shit first my school and then my amily and riends got sick of it so i took off from this shithole to a town called new orleans
with a head fulla voices and a heartfulla dreams
seattle will taste better with a pistol in my mouth
seattle will taste better with a pistol in my mouth
my bodys staying home and my soul is headed south and seattle will taste better when that pistols in my mouth

the northwest is constantly damp the southwest ucking dry and sunny californias stabbing glare will shut my eyes but i dont care where i am right now just glad im getting out
from suburba streets o kent down to the drunk and dirty south

the dumpsters are as empty as my pockets seem to be and im inding out slowly how it is alone and ree but what tops it off is even if i want to i cant quit and that heartfulla dreams i talk about dont count for shit