Amateur Hour -- One Take Wonders

by Bip

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i came for the memes Favorite track: keep it 100.
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released September 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Bip Memphis, Tennessee

"This dudes music is like, fuckin badassoriginal folkpunk, he's talkin bout" "(Bips) music speaks for itself"-Brennan Whalen, HEELS, WFMF records

hey also juss type in zero so my downloads don get limited. juss buy now for 0 cause cmon is it rlly worth it no lol
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Track Name: Career
you walk around my stumblin
tryin a find that somethin
you look to me for help
but im just as lost myself
i dont like to field your lies, pushing you down to your compliment and tries and they to control your life and what you feel, heres your life, heres your fu cking career

T he needle plunges tightly
too drugged to shout
a cell with no shoelaces
and no way out
this train has hit its siding
no more to ride
my brain has lost its binding
fingernails plied
i think its my last ride
Track Name: An Eye For An Eye
this time its over
my mouth stayed shut
my mind just aint right
i tell you what
i should forgive you
but i hope you rust
cause an eye for an eye makes the whole world just

this world i corrupt
this world i roam
my waning choices
my whining home
dont ever give up
i hope youre shot
cause the trash that you left here is all ive got

this time its different
this time ill change
theres nothing safer
than a steel cage
ill never get back
the blood you drew
but an eye for an eye means that youre blind too

all that i drink up
it shows the way
your friend s will all die
just not today
this world has soiled
from core to crust
but an eye for an eye makes the whole world just
Track Name: keep it 100
i ate 2 big macs last night and i feel like shit
my only friends are phantasms on the internet
theyl always remember my name
im ashamed im ashamed im ashamed
you expect, us to make a difference
when i cant even find a sum
you expect us to keep it 100
and i cant even keep one

i drank 2 4 loks last night and i feel like death
the country and its ignorance smells on my breath
fuck this world cause this shit isnt real
at least not as real as my feel
i cant deal i cant deal i cant deal

all of us just want some direct action
as long as it can be clicked on a screen
your laughing so hard that your crying
so i know that you see what i mean
lmaolmao dead bruh
realest fucking hours that weve seen
i know shit is really getting dire
from the pictures your sending to me
you expect us to make a difference
when i cant even find a sum
you expect us to keep it 100
and i cant even keep one